Brooks England #OnTheRivet

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Brooks England #OnTheRivet

The Challenge

The C13 saddle was Brooks England's re-entry into the pro cycling world. After 75 years, they had lost their reputation amongst the pros.

No serious cyclists would listen to Brooks talking about competition saddles.

So we stayed silent.

Brooks England #OnTheRivet

On the rivet

“Extreme physical exertion. As hard as you can.”

The C13 had rivets to get pro cyclists literally back #OnTheRivet for the first time this century.

Brooks England #OnTheRivet

The Strategy

1. Finding our audience with a pre-release testing

100 saddles
were given to hand-picked cycling influencers and selected customers to share the experience of being #OnTheRivet on Instagram.

3,000 people
applied via Lead Gen Facebook ads to test the saddle. This allowed us to build a relevant audience to target on social media.

+3,500 pictures
tagged #OnTheRivet during pre-release.

2: Telling an epic story with the help of the pros

Facebook Link Ads showed our influencers describing the feeling of being #OnTheRivet to raise awareness while driving sales of a limited release of 259 saddles.

431% ROAS

3: Focusing on the product to drive sales

We retargeted our audience combining traditional paid social ads highlighting the C13 features with innovative formats like Facebook Canvas that allowed an immersive video experience.

Brooks England #OnTheRivet





This Here +
Michael Paleodimos
and Will Garthwaite — Film
Angus Sung — Photography

Illustrative pattern

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