Etnia #BeAnartist

Illustrative pattern
Etnia #BeAnartist


Anartists were the inspiration and target of Etnia Barcelona’s Summer campaign. Our mission was to find them and entice them in their natural habitat: internet.


We teamed up with 15 digital creators to interpret our commandments and share the resulting art across their digital universe.

The only rule?
To break the rules.

Etnia #BeAnartist

The Anartist respects and does not judge the public. 

The Anartist defies space.

Etnia #BeAnartist

The Anartist envisions the invisible.

Etnia #BeAnartist

The Anartist is a sexual being.

Etnia #BeAnartist

 The Anartist worships his/her own gods.

The Results

Surreal and unpredictable, these artistic collaborations reached a new, curious audience positioning Etnia as a bold, creative brand amongst Anartists.
After been covered in Elle and Huffington Post, the campaign was extended into an always-on campaign.




Illustrative pattern

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