We’re a creative agency that puts real people at the heart of our work. We craft our narratives from life, because authentic stories have the power to make people believe in brands – not just buy them.

We create impactful, memorable moments through creative collaborations. Working on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the world, we enable local relevance on a global scale. Our London based team is small but mighty. We invest in the people and partners that have the intelligence, intuition and integrity to move global culture forward. One brand project at a time.



  • Creative Strategy

    • Insight
    • Research
    • Brand Strategy
    • Creative Direction
  • Communities

    • Influencer Marketing
    • Talent Strategy
    • Product Seeding
    • Brand Community, Strategy and Execution
    • Partnerships
  • Production

    • Content Production
    • TV Production
    • Experiential Production
    • 360 Campaign Activation
  • Digital

    • Design and Development
    • Digital-first Activations
    • Live Streaming
    • Media Partnerships


Unusually, perhaps, for creatives, we like listening as much as we like talking. Our team is full of brilliant minds, who are as open to other people’s ideas as we are passionate about expressing our own.

Meet our This Heroes.

  • Jemima

    Jem came to creative and digital via architecture, which schooled her with equal parts conceptual thought and a desire to make things stand up straight (preferably on their own). She is the proud founder and Mother of This Here, and defers at all times to the expertise of her absolutely wonderful team.

  • Livvy 

    Trained as a producer, creative and brand strategist, Livvy is a hybrid that has picked up awards from the likes of Campaign Magazine. Livvy heads up our diversely skilled Creative and Production team, driving all of This Here’s strategy and creative direction as well as overseeing complex productions on behalf of our global brands.

  • Emma

    Emma's time in the industry has seen her lead the delivery of a number of award winning global campaigns, digital products & games, photography & video content. Her programme management & delivery experience at agencies such as Publicis, Poke & Preloaded means she's an expert in efficiency and process, leading to a quality output. She ensures all of our team are working effectively and her Project Managers take ownership in delivering our projects on time & to budget.

  • Joe

    Joe manages client projects across all disciplines, with a focus on performance sports. Outside the studio, you’ll find him blazing the trails, cycling cross-country, and hitting the slopes. With a background in talent management, Joe also oversees day-to-day influencer content creation for our clients.

  • Tom

    Tom is an expert in bringing our creative concepts to life. As a Senior Producer he drives our more complex content and experiential productions as well as supporting the more junior members of the team. He’s also a beautiful photographer and captures many moments and shots of our amazing crew on set.

  • Shabz

    Shabz is that friend who always gets you on the guest list, knows 10 people in every room, and somehow meanders backstage whilst catching up with the headline act. As our Senior Partnerships Manager, Shabz has a love for culture and a strategic vision, ensuring that we always have the perfect talent for your brand.

  • David

    Dave is our all-in-one data scientist, developer and number cruncher with a serious academic background in mathematical modelling. He runs our internal tools and analytics systems, and ensures effective measurement is in place across all channels and platforms - ensuring our creative is always informed by the best insight.

  • Jade

    Jade works across our lifestyle accounts, keeping clients feeling loved and projects on track. Jade’s always got several plates spinning, but her organised and efficient style, and deep passion for music and culture makes her a grounding force within the team. Clients have described her as a joy to work and our team feels the same!

  • Niamh

    Whether you meet her in person or virtually, Niamh’s energy and spark shines through. As a Junior Producer within the Creative & Production team, you’ll find Niamh managing productions with exceptional speed, precision and creative integrity - whilst making everyone smile along the way.

  • Claire Meryn

    Claire is often described as our German market expert, despite being Austrian. She “lives laughs loves” her way through talent briefs, building super tight relationships with the most appropriate talent across Europe - all a breeze since she has the sharpest and dryest wit in the studio. Some would also say she is the true mastermind behind the Vibes committee.

  • Michelle

    Our design extraordinaire, Michelle joined us as a graduate and has produced some of our most innovative and beautiful designs. She touches all design work that comes out of our studio including adding polish to our keynote presentations, creating design assets for our branded content & digital output, plus bringing our creative ideas to life through illustration.

  • Adela

    Adela isn't afraid of a challenge. With experience in digital marketing and event planning, Adela has a keen interest in popular culture, social media and Gen-Z trends. Her amazing organisational skills and creative approach to everything means our team feels supported and our clients see timely progress across our projects.