The Brief

We were asked to find artists that could reinterpret Etnia’s products and unique spirit by reimagining their natural habitat: the internet.

The Project

We teamed up with a global team of diverse and unpredictable creators including Carolina Spencer (matagalanplantae), Julia Dalia, Paloma Rincón, Mercedes Bellido, Adam Hale (the daily splice), Santi Zoraidez, Antoni Tudisco, Oliver Latta (extraweg) and Vanessa Rosa (peggyheart). We challenged them to portray Etnia’s colourful and diverse range of glasses with Etnia’s unique “Anartistic” spirit - reimagining a traditional product shot into surprising and irreverent new forms.
Surreal and unpredictable, these artistic collaborations reached a new, curious audience – positioning Etnia as a bold, creative brand. The project received an impressive cache of earned coverage in titles from Elle to Huffington Post, and the campaign was extended into an engaging always-on campaign.

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Creative Direction
  • Talent Strategy
  • Content Production

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