JD Sports X TNF

The Brief

The North Face had launched a brand campaign, ‘Reset Your Normal’, but were struggling to translate this for a JD audience. This Here were tasked to form a creative content approach, to tell the story of what it means to “reset” following a global pandemic, with the goal of driving sign ups to JD’s consumer membership platform JDX.

The Project

We worked with a carefully curated roster of high profile talent, to share their lockdown experiences through honest and relatable content. The campaign ran across 4 key markets - UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands and was fronted by the likes of JAY1, Mahalia, Joelah Noble, Aylo and Le Motif. We shot them in their homes, and got each of them talking in a candid, personal way about the trials of lockdown. It was important to land an ultimately positive message – which we did by focusing on the ways they’d all found to ‘reset’ their attitude during this time, and come out of it having grown in ways they hadn’t expected.

Whether it was just getting outside, live streaming from a living room or finding new ways to get inspired – each talent gave consumers ways to enact positive change in their own lives, and to take agency over their wellbeing at a time when a lot of us were feeling quite helpless.

To help them along, we offered a range of exclusive digital experiences via the JDX platform, from online dance classes, to shopping experiences, tickets and online gigs.

  • Content Production
  • Talent Strategy

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