The North Face

The Brief

The North Face wanted to launch the Vectiv shoe range by celebrating runners, hikers and nature lovers in a way that ensured inclusivity is visibly narrated throughout.

Partnering up with real people who would help the brand highlight the diversity and universality within an outdoor lover’s mindsets, they pushed the message that although their techniques, routines and culture may differ, what binds them together is raw perseverance and a passion for the outdoors.

The Project

We asked the influencers to team up with a photographer and capture 3 “moments” to be shared to their followers in a combination of instagram grid and story posts.

Each moment was to result in 15 high res photographs, reflecting a different way the influencers loved to be outdoors, following these suggested topics of focus as a guide:

Place: A favourite trail they love to hike/run.
People: A club or group of friends they love to hike/run with.
Time of day: A sunset or night hike/run.


Likes: 51.6k Reach 9.9M Engagement: 52.3k Engagement rate: 5.10%

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Talent Strategy
  • Product Seeding

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