The Brief

To promote PUMA’s newest shoe, the PUMA Mayu, we created a mini-video content series called “Get Real with Me” that would appeal to the size? consumer.

The Project

Anouska and Kadimah aka NUKA Nails hosted this series in their nail studio whereby London based fashion creatives came into their nail studio to get their nails done, matching the colourway of their PUMA Mayu shoe. Whilst they are getting their nails done, Anouska and Kadimah had some light-hearted ‘girl talk’ with them, covering topics such as:- their interests, challenges, their journey getting them to where they are now, fashion favourites (dos and don'ts, must haves) and what's next in their careers etc.

The video content series came in the format of an instagram reel which was accompanied by a GIF and imagery of the influencers in the different MAYU colourways.

  • Talent Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Production
  • Product Seeding
  • Influencer Marketing

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