The Brief:

To promote their new sustainable trainer, Allbirds asked us to find German based fashion leaders, aged between 25 and 30, who aligned with the brand's ethos and were willing to collaborate on their mission.

The Project:

The content creators in this campaign were selected carefully to ensure they came from different parts of the fashion world, were naturally unafraid to push boundaries and had the ability to redefine what is cool.

These influencers were asked to produce engaging and unified content to push out to their followers, inspiring them to consider Allbirds as a brand to choose. The shoes that they styled and created for were the Tree Runners or Tree Pipers.

We challenged them to take creative control by choosing between three creative routes we provided, and produce elevated content that showed their audiences how to style their Allbirds based on their unique point of view, while inspiring them to feel empowered to find solutions in nature and to celebrate trees.

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Production
  • Creative Strategy
  • Creative Direction

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