The Brief:

As the brand approached the huge milestone that was their 100th Anniversary, This Here’s brief was to create a global campaign that showcased what has made Dickies consistently ‘Dickies’ throughout one hundred years.

The Project:

Recognising that Dickies products have become more than just clothes, adopted all around the world by ordinary people, making extraordinary things.

This Here leveraged a campaign that showcased the fact that as a brand Dickies has consistently felt an affinity and appreciation of the everyday workers.

Shifting the focus of their anniversary away from them and toward the makers…The farmers, painters, welders, skaters, builders, plumbers, artists, makers. Each playing themselves authentically.

The campaign narrative became: “We make the clothes. You make the world. Made in Dickies”

Realised through a 60 second hero campaign film, social cut-downs, alongside hero campaign imagery and stills released globally.

  • Creative Direction
  • TV Production
  • Content Production

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